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Meet Amélie. She is a vegan, an animal lover and a full time traveler. Currently she is pursuing her yoga teacher training in India. We will be following her travels and sharing her experiences, travel tips and exotic food discoveries.



I should have been a juggler.

Between a passion for design that prompted an impulsive return to university at age 28, a marathon training that had me rising at dawn and dreams of a life spent travelling ensuring that every other hour was spent in the confines of a cubicle; yes, at times, my life felt more like a circus act.

It was great to do what I loved and have extra income to travel two weeks every year and I should have felt so fulfilled. Yet something didn’t feel right.





Working full-time in exchange for two weeks of freedom didn’t feel “normal” and I had a strong urge to fix this and chase the travel dreams I had traded for school and work five years earlier. So on January 1st 2014, my boyfriend and I sold all of our stuff and left for a six month backpacking adventure around the world. I assumed this would solve my globetrotting desires and let me settle back into whatever “normal” was supposed to be.

But somehow, a year along the line and one squandered return flight home, travelling has become our new “normal”.

We’ve been so lucky to be able to scrape out a living as digital nomads, allowing us to pursue our dream. I believe life has a way to organize things beautifully for you if you pitch in a little and I am so grateful I put in the effort. Writing this as I sit under a palm tree, young coconut in hand in beautiful Goa, India, it seems unbelievable that this has been my life for over a year.

I travel because it makes me feel free. I’m not from an adventurous background: I took the plane for the first time at 21, when I escaped to Cuba with an inheritance. It is still to date my best travel memory. A whole new world — literally! — of possibilities suddenly lay before me. I dined on spicy black beans and sweet guavas, sipped on strong espresso where Hemingway once sat in a cloud of cigar smoke, and was forever hooked. I later spent five years away from home: two years in British Columbia, a year in California and two years in England. I will cherish those years forever — they truly were the making of me.




To me, travel is about spending as long as possible in a new place in order to absorb all that is different and beautiful about it to a point where I become a part of it. I don’t wish to sit and watch a city go past me — I want to touch it, taste it and get that feeling that I have always been there. And right now, I am doing just that. I am so excited to be able to share my experiences with you here.

Matt & Nat represents so much of what I strive to in my life and I couldn’t think of a better platform to inspire you to keep your wanderlust alive. Hopefully I do. The world is our oyster and if we follow our dreams, only beautiful things can happen.





“Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.”  -Anais Nin

Travel beautifully,