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100% of the purchase price of our limited edition Hope
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The Hope Charity bag, designed exclusively for this campaign, is an opportunity to come together and give back. We have carefully curated a selection of environmental, humanitarian, and animal welfare organizations that we feel best represent our values of social responsibility, inclusiveness, integrity and love.

Taking part in this project gives you the voice to support these important issues.

The purpose of this project is to not only give back, but also shed light on initiatives that are taking place, so we welcome submissions from other organizations.

Learn about the charities we work with

Magic bus
magicbususa.org magicbus.org

Magic Bus lifts communities out of poverty by equipping India’s poorest children and youth with the life-skills and education they need to grow up and obtain a higher education and fulfilling career.

Today, Magic Bus reaches over 450,000 children weekly through its programs across 22 states in India. This is achieved in three ways. Firstly, through youth development and volunteerism. Weekly programs are delivered by youth from the same slum communities that the children live in - this model ensures that the mentee eventually becomes the mentor. Secondly, through an activity-based curriculum. Children love to play - so the Magic Bus curriculum leverages activities that engage children most to instill critical messages about rights, education, sanitation and aspiration. Lastly, through community collaboration. Magic Bus partners with schools, hospitals, and government officials to deliver resources to the 450,000 children it reaches weekly.

Fauna Foundation

The Fauna Foundation offers a protected sanctuary for neglected, abused animals alongside former chimpanzees that have been victim of human testing. It also aims, through education, to foster a better understanding of all animals while exploring our ethical responsibility as humans for the well being of all earth’s creatures. To date, this is the only chimpanzee sanctuary in Canada.

Sunrise Sanctuary

Located in Ohio, Sunrise Sanctuary provides rescue animals that have been abused, neglected or disabled a place to call home, in an open, natural farm like environment. This is a permanent shelter for the animals to live their lives in peace, with the help, kindness, knowledge and respect of Mindy Mallet, the founder, and her team.

Girls Action Foundation

Founded in 1995 by three young women, Girls Action Foundation’s goal is to build girls and women’s skills and confidence in order to inspire actions to change the world. Their programs address and tackle the most crucial and important issues facing girls and women, like poverty, racism, violence and gender inequality. They do this by providing access to a large amount of resources, networks, and mentors, leading to a variety of opportunities.

It is through their innovative programs, research and support to a network of over three hundred partnering organizations that Girls Action reaches over sixty thousand girls and young women. They reach remote, marginalized and urban communities, giving all girls and young women a sense of inclusion and belonging.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth says we must act now to protect the diversity of wild bees – nature designed distinct roles for each wild bee species to play in pollinating plants and we need them all. But they’re up against big stresses like habitat loss, climate change, pesticides and diseases. Habitat loss is just as critical in cities and towns as in the countryside. Friends of the Earth's new campaign "Let It Bee" urges citizens in cities and towns to dramatically change how they garden and landscape to make sure we protect, not kill off, wild native bees.

We need to learn more about our wild bees. Wild bees are crucial for food crops and flowers and beautiful to behold - but, few people can actually recognize wild bees. You may not know there could be up to 50 species in a typical backyard. And while honey bees have their loyal beekeepers, native bees have few voices calling out to protect them. So Friends of the Earth has joined its counterpart in the UK with a census of wild bees in Canada - The Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count links citizen scientists with research scientists trying to find ways to protect wild bees.

Wild tomorrow fund

Wild Tomorrow Fund provides compassionate people around the world a way to fight back against those who are poaching defenseless species such as elephants, rhinos, lions and other wildlife to the point of extinction.

With your support we will be able to provide critically needed equipment for the anti-poaching units, ecologists, and reserve managers who work around the clock, 7 days a week, to keep the animals safe. Your generosity will provide them with everything from uniforms, flashlights, two-way radios, and water bottles.

Together we can ensure that the world that comes after us is a world in which a wild tomorrow is possible. Thank you for your consideration.

Keep a Breast Foundation

The Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB) is a global, leading non-profit organization with a mission to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support.Now in their 16th year, they continue to create innovative programming for men and women impacted by cancer and work to educate about prevention, early detection, and cancer-causing toxins in our every daily environment. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, they are supported in fulfilling their mission by international affiliates in Europe, UK, Canada, Japan and Chile.

Dans la rue

Imagine tonight that you are alone, without a safe place to sleep. Imagine the fear and loneliness of not being able to count on someone and not having anywhere to go. For so many youth in Montreal, this situation is a reality. Dans la rue is here to help.

Dans la rue provides assistance and support for over 1,000 homeless and at-risk youth in Montreal each year, offering them diverse programs and services to get them off of the streets, including emergency shelter, housing, food, education opportunities, psychological and physical care, employment programs, legal services, and self-discovery through music and art.

Since 1988, with dedication, empathy and respect, and thanks to the support of the community, Dans la rue has cared for each youth’s immediate needs while helping them to acquire the skills and resources needed to lead more autonomous and rewarding lives.

Beagle Freedom Project

Founded in 2010, is a unique program run by the Los Angeles-based non-profit Animal Rescue, Media, and Education (ARME). Beagle Freedom Project negotiates with laboratories across the world to secure the release of dogs and other animals and give them a chance at a normal home life after everything they have endured for vanity and scientific curiosity.

The organization uses the rescues to draw public attention to the plight of animals languishing in labs and to promote cruelty-free lifestyle choices everyone can make. The beagles act as ambassadors who give faces to animal testing victims and remind the public that these animals are not just furry test-tubes, but dogs no different from their pets.

Beagle Freedom Project has an ambitious immediate and long-term agenda that is both political and pragmatic. The organization is working toward the release of more animals and an end to animal testing altogether.


For more than twenty years, Water.org has been at the forefront of developing and delivering sustainable solutions to the global water crisis. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, Water.org pioneers innovative, community-driven and market-based solutions to provide universal access to safe water and sanitation, giving women hope, children health and communities a future. To date, Water.org has positively transformed millions of lives around the world, ensuring a better life for generations ahead.

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