Horoscopes FW 2018

Aries | Fire Sign

We’d advise you to stay grounded this fall Aries but we know you – and whatever we say you’ll do the opposite. So on that note, take everything we say as the mildest of suggestions. We’ve chosen the TAZE for two reasons: A) To maintain your #flawless style & shine B) To promote less stomp, more swagger.  Patience is not your strength and you don’t suffer fools gladly. But what is a fool but a potential friend in disguise? Adopting a softer stance doesn’t mean losing traction. It is not one or the other.



Taurus | Earth Sign

Fall/Winter 18 is a time of focus for you Taurus. Being the determined individual you are, you always have your eye on the prize.  But focus is something that is fleeting these days for all. Dare we say “focus” is on the endangered species list. Instead of thinking, “I don’t have time” – ask yourself “Where is my time going?” Track it.  And reflect if that is truly where you want to use it. CASEY is your co-pilot for the reworking of your calendar both personal and professional as it expands once you eliminate anything that doesn’t elevate you.



Gemini | Air Sign

This season Gemini, we want you to loosen up just a touch. We’ve analyzed your approach, and there isn’t much to critique but if we may be so bold, you are not fulfilling your potential. Is it because you are nervous of the outcome? Worried about this or that. Maybe you need a reminder of your own courage. The BRAVE MINI is here for back up, support and a reminder that bravery in small doses has a the ability to transform your life.



Cancer | Water

Cancers are notorious for not being able to let go. So we are giving you a push this fall with the PARK. With both arms/hands free, you’ll wonder at first what to cling to – we (obviously) have a few suggestions. Take hold of your intuition. Emotions come and go but let that inner voice be your guiding light through an unpredictable (that doesn’t mean bad) couple of months ahead.  And if you stumble, well you’ve got both hands free to catch you.



Leo | Fire Sign

LEO’s are known for their manes. But what exactly is in that hair? Pride. Some loose judgements. A 35-page manual (for others) on how to conduct any and every possible task. Needless to say, LEO you could stand to lighten that load. It’s time for a chop. Put away the scissors but metaphorically speaking it’s time to cut away what’s dragging you down and not serving you. Time to focus on stoking your inner fire. Because for LEO’s even in the darkest days – that flame of hope is burning. Go use it for good. And without all that extra baggage- you’re good girl with just a mini.



Virgo | Earth

In an attempt to change our ways, we often go too far.  We don’t recognize that baby steps as more important foundation buildings to get genuine, real-time change that lasts. VIRGO’s in particular need a road map and without it, they feel insecure.  This fall, we are meeting you in the middle VIRGO to hold your hand. Known for your intelligence and analytical approach, prepare for a guided-free stroll through life. Let go of what’s expected or how it’s to be done, and learn something about the way it could be and what that means to you. INVER is your security blanket along the way, because even on the road not taken – a VIRGO goes it organized.



Libra | Air

This season LIBRA, we ask of you to do a mental flip. Before you pursue pharmaceuticals – let’s clarify. The areas of your life that you initially sought to play it safe – don’t. The areas where you were previously wishy-washy, make some strategic choices that are all your own. Being easy-going is a wonderful trait but life isn’t always a river to float like a leaf down. This fall, be the rock that splits the stream in places you’ve neglected and the universe has been calling you (loudly) to step up.  LARA by your side, this autumn take things to the next level by making the choice to.



Scorpio | Water

Scorpio there’s a bitter sweet truth we’re delivering – the biggest thing holding you back is you.  You have a tendency to get in your own head and by doing so, create a reality that isn’t… well reality. This fall, give yourself the sweet relief of a change in perspective. Get above the limitations of past experiences and your own mind. Try and release the tendency to be jealous or secretive and indulge your emotional side instead in the act of listening and active sharing. Sure, the STESSY will have you feeling taller but really it’s your spirit that will have expanded a few inches.



Sagittarius | Fire Sign

If you were revamping a brand or product what would you do? Would you throw out the baby with the bath water so to speak and get rid of all the great things and start fresh or would you thoughtfully consider what needs a tweak and what could be repackaged from weakness to strength? That’s what we ask of you this fall, SAG. You are not restless but rather a seeker. You are not irresponsible but rather a lover of freedom. Package yourself accordingly.  VIE, means life in French, and with nothing to hang on to – it lets you embrace it with both arms wide open. Take note. Very on brand.



Capricorn | Earth Sign

Oh Hello there Capricorn! Child of the earth. Do we have the prescription for you this fall: adventure.  Set aside your ambition and your discipline (not completely but at least on weekends and after 5pm). Take of your perma-adulting cap that says, every silver lining has a cloud exterior and every path leads to its predetermined destiny. What if it doesn’t? How do you know? You don’t. And there is only one way to prove you are right (or ahem, wrong) and that’s to dive right in. AVENA sees your storm cloud and says, “Meh, rain or shine – I’m here for the view.”



Aquarius | Air Sign

We need more you Aquarius. The world is crying out for humanitarians and though you are just one, don’t underestimate what one you can do. All the abundance of your friendliness, honesty and intellect can be channelled toward something that speaks to your deepest desires. No one should second guess kindness. Everyone should be a warrior for love. Of course, you know all these truths already. But this FW18, ESSEN in tow – you’ll live them like never before.



Pisces |  Water Sign

Intuition is more important than ever. We live in strange times where people have started to believe they are brands.  Truth is fractured across media platforms, personalities and perspectives. We don’t have time for our friends calls but we have 30 minutes to interact with our body-less followers. Are you still with us? Basically, being the intuitive soul you are – tap into this as compass for your life: where to invest your time, what feels like the truth to you and who is your tribe in real time.  Now grab the CALLA and go see them.