We (obviously) love fashion here at Matt & Nat. So it In celebration of World Vegan Day, we’re sharing with you a few of our favourite ethical fashion bloggers from around the globe, who balance looking fabulous with being kind to the planet. Here, they tell us what living gently means to them.

Bina Nöhr in Hamburg, Germany – Follow @stryle_tz

I’m Bina from Hamburg, mother of a baby girl and a total animal lover. As a fashion designer I’m into cool styles, but my mission is to prove that you can create an individual look in a sustainable and ethical way. My blogazine, www.stryletz.com , started in 2013, is about fair fashion, veganism and a lifestyle that tries to give something back to this wonderful world.

To me, living ethically means being thankful for the gift of life and what mother earth offers us every day and trying to give something back. I don’t want anyone to have to suffer for my clothes.

Alisson Simmonds in Amersfoort, Netherlands – Follow: @alisson_simmonds

My name is Alisson and I was born and raised in Colombia. I left that beautiful country when I was eighteen years old to study in Germany. After that, I settled in the Netherlands. I am a fashion lover that combines thrifted items with ethically made ones. I am always on the hunt for fair fashion brands and unique second-hand pieces. Since November 2016, I started a journey to an even more sustainable life and became vegan. It doesn’t work all the time, but I´m doing my best to reduce my environmental impact. I have a blog where I write about this incredible journey. I show the changes I’ve made and those I still want to make. I give tips on fair fashion, plant-based food, and chemical-free beauty.

Living eco-friendly means to me living in harmony with the environment, its people, animals, and plants and making my everyday choices as harmless as possible with all of them.

You can find more at www.alissonsimmonds.com

Karissa Sparke from Alexandria, Australia – Follow: @karissasparke

My name is Karissa Sparke and I run an Australian style/wellbeing/lifestyle/travel website called Tomgirl & Threads. I’m also technically an occupational therapist and a yoga teacher. Through my website I share my (albeit slightly) tomboyish style, trying to focus more and more on ethical, sustainable fashion. I share my love of the outdoors/travel/adventures and try to encourage my readers to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and constantly grow and develop themselves. My greatest loves are the ocean (slash being outdoors in general), my husband and cooking and sharing delicious vegan food with friends.

We live in an imperfect world, so I focus on chasing progress instead of perfection and inviting others to do the same. For me living gently is all about making those small choices day to day that contribute to a greater good, being conscious in my choices and my impact on the world. Progress not perfection.

Find more at: http://www.tomgirlandthreads.com

Lisa-Marie Schuchert-Rola in Bremen, Germany – Follow: @maridalor

Raised as vegetarian girl who loved to jump from the highest trees and changed into vegan as a teen, I was always confronted with reflecting my behavior, respecting mother nature and knowing there are no boundaries between us and the earth. Fashion has always been THE thing for me and I tried out many different styles until I found myself. But what really changed my point of view was becoming a mother of two. Besides creating content for my blog www.maridalor.com, I also love making people smile and spreading positive vibes into the world (even if I look very serious in my photos!). I love vegan cinnamon buns and my husband’s smoothies. I love perfectly fitting jeans and simple jewelry. I love breathing the early morning air and our two black cats.

Consciousness is the key to a life. If we think about our behavior towards everything even in the smallest creatures – the world would be a better place. Having a positive mind and smiling at other people is big first step to generating a better world. Reducing your consumption and buying less spontaneously also makes a big impact. It’s the little steps that count and toward the bigger picture.