Great Things are On the Horizon


Aries – the Year of Reflection

YEAR OF REFLECTION | ARIES | Ambitious Aries is always at a full sprint; never one to look back. The expression two steps forward one step back is completely foreign because to Aries there are only steps forward.  When you’re going full speed, you miss the scenery flying by and your left with a hollow sense of progress and perspective. For 2018, Aries continue to be driven but get off the motorcycle and get on the tour bus. Keep that sassy head scarf and use it to wave good-bye as you soak in the journey. Looking out is part of looking ahead.


Taurus – the Year of Adventure

YEAR OF ADVENTURE | TAURUS | Hey Taurus. How you doing? Are you feeling the rush of a new year upon you? There are miles to log as a year of unbridled adventure lays in wait, and why not take a friend while you are at it. Your patience, reliability and warm heartedness are a trifecta of goodness when you’re navigating an unknown path. Our COAST luggage will be by your side, there for the memory making just beyond the horizon. Go gett’em tiger – or would it be bull?


Gemini – the Year of Friendship

YEAR OF FRIENDSHIP | GEMINI | Life is meant to be shared. This year, you’ll find that especially true. Your strong communication skills and sharp intellect will charm those around you and you’ll be juggling a gaggle of new amigos. In other words, you’re rich. And hey, drop us a line, we’re always game for a night out.


Cancer – the Year of Peace

YEAR OF PEACE | CANCER | 2017 was a bit of a beast – and not the good kind that transforms into something more handsome and palatable. But the good news is, it’s a wrap. This year is ushering in a different more docile mood and you’re more than ready.  You’re known to be cautious, but don’t be too protective. This year will bring about ample opportunity for peaceful reflection that gives you space to put that imagination to good use.


Leo – the Year of Joy

 YEAR OF JOY | LEO | Hey there lioness. If 2017 was all about the roar, 2018 will 12 months of purr-fection.  Opportunities to exercise your creative juices, collaborate with your peers and spread that spirit of sass. Keep that bossy at bay and your claws on lockdown, because joy is best caught with a caress.  Best of all, happiness is meant to be shared – and we know how you love sharing.


Virgo – the Year of Love

YEAR OF LOVE | VIRGO | Living a life of order is not necessarily conducive to romance. Here me out, Virgo. There are many who enjoy your meticulous ways and ultra-reliable self and an alphabeticalized spice rack. But if there is one thing that isn’t practical, that isn’t orderly and that can’t be labeled, color-coded and filed away – it’s love. So get ready for the beautiful, glorious mess that is other people’s love. Wear something washable – you’ll be fine.


Libra – the Year of Success

 YEAR OF SUCCESS | LIBRA | Being as diplomatic as you are, your route to success has been a scenic one. Never one to elbow your way to the top, you prefer to let your work speak for itself. 2018 will mirror the seeds you’ve sown of patience, character and nose the grindstone blood, sweat and tears. Continue to keep the peace and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You’ve earned it Libra.


Scorpio – the Year of Personal Growth

YEAR OF PERSONAL GROWTH| SCORPIO | Scorpios love a secret. But here’s a secret we’ll share… a secret is often a wish unanswered or a wound unhealed. This year use your keen intuition to find those trusted in your tribe to share your secrets with as a cathartic learning exercise. Those that love you will help you heal, transforming those dreams into concrete steps toward a reality. Personal growth? It’s on your doorstep for 2018.


Sagittarius – the Year of Memory Making

YEAR OF MEMORY MAKING | SAGITTARIUS | Sags race toward freedom and their honesty breeds a life of openness. Both these qualities will come into play full force in 2018, as a year of making memories.  What could this possibly mean? Aren’t we making memories every dang day. Yes and no. True memory making happens when you go outside of your comfort zone, see things with new eyes and engage with the moment-in a way so fierce that the imprint of the moment lasts and lasts. Sounds amazing, right?


Capricorn – the Year of Frivolity

YEAR OF FRIVOLITY | CAPRICORN  | Did you cringe when you read that title? Practically being your middle name – frivolity isn’t something you are overly familiar with. Well take off that seatbelt of discipline and shake out that hair, ‘because things are about to get loose in 2018. For you, a new practice will be put in place – test out saying, “yes” more often. No plan B? No problem. 2018 is about occasionally flying without a safety net and enjoying the ride.


Aquarius – Year of Healing

YEAR OF HEALING | AQUARIUS | Aquarius’ are notorious givers. But sometimes nurturers need to be nurtured. In 2018, you will refill the well of your own generosity. You will say no sometimes. You will stay home to rest. You will spend on yourself, just because. You will accept, nay – embrace the kindness of others. And, this is the kicker, you will not feel guilty when you do these things.  Because being a healer begins at home.


Pisces – the Year of Transformation

YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION | PISCES | We all get stuck Pisces. It’s hard to recognize your own comfort zone. And what is a comfort zone except being in your bed an hour after your alarm went off. Stop pressing snooze on your own life. Sometimes when you’re sensitive it’s easy to resist taking the path less travelled but it can be oh-so-worthwhile. Make a pact to fail upward this 2018. Keep climbing, don’t look back and when you reach the next peak – you’ll have a totally different perspective of yourself, a much higher one.